Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crews Place Drop-Floor AquaLaunch Capsules for $1.7 Million KaPau Plummet Thrill Slide at Branson’s White Water Park

Branson's most current rush fascination is closer to actuality as a development turning point was arrived at – the setting of the drop-floor Aqualaunch containers for the new $1.7 million Kapau Plummet rush slide, set to open May 17 at White water stop in Branson, Missouri.

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The cutting edge cases set up are key components for the new slide, intended to be the greatest excite in White Water history. It emphasizes a close vertical 70-degree plunge and two-story rider free fall through two 240-foot dueling slides, took after by a spiraling circle – an experience guaranteeing to far surpass the rush element of any water ride ever fabricated at the 13-section of land tropically-themed water park.

"Kapau Plummet will be very much a rush," said Cory Roebuck, White Water Director of Operations, clarifying that "kapau" is a U.s. surfer slang term significance the following huge wave or the following enormous thing, affirmed KA-POW. "You'll stack into the container 40 feet up, stand on the Aqualaunch trap entryway and hear the commencement, 3… 2… 1 KAPAU! At that point the floor drops out and you'll free fall at 70 degrees for two stories before the slide gets you, and the drop will truly blow your mind."

Observers will have the capacity to watch the riders' rocket-like plunge and see them winding through the circles.

Kapau Plummet is the centerpiece for White Water's approaching season that incorporates more than twelve rides and attractions, "Swoop In" motion pictures on a titan screen over the wave pool and night rides throughout the Night Water occasion. For subtle elements, calendars and data: 800-831-4fun(386), http://www.bransonwhitewa

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